Outstanding cuisine,
hosts with passion and a
unique setting

"We want to make people happy with our work!"

The culinary Bau.style

French tradition and elegance, combined with high technical precision and the outstanding products and flavors of Japan

"It is no exaggeration to say that German gourmets owe hardly any other top chef in recent history as much as Christian Bau. He was the pioneer who dared to bridge the gap between European and Japanese high cuisine before anyone else, inspiring hundreds of his colleagues." - FAZ 2022

Passionate hosts, familiar ambience & enjoyable experiences


"Cosmopolitan creations, united divergences & lightness".


"Sensual perfection that makes happy".


"Culinary Journey to Inspiring Destinations."

Product obsession

"As a chef, simply no one can hold a candle to him. No one has been cooking at such a dizzying level for so long and so consistently, so technically complex and highly artistic, so precise and relentless in all matters of quality." -Gault&Millau 2023/24

team as a decisive success factor

Many cooks spoil the broth? No! In Victor's FINE DINING by christian bau, they form a world-class team.