"Nothing is more important than the
satisfaction of our guests!"

Christian Bau
A unique journey through life. Gratitude and recognition.

The awarding of the Federal Cross of Merit

"You can't just see or hear art, with Christian Bau you can above all taste it. Christian Bau is a world-class chef. As the youngest chef in Germany, he has climbed to the top of his profession. Top chefs all over the world are inspired by him and people come from far and wide to experience his culinary art. Christian Bau is innovative, cosmopolitan and original - a German chef who combines classic French cuisine with Asian influences. A shared meal is the archetype of hospitality and peaceful coexistence. As a master of culinary culture and a culinary ambassador, Christian Bau makes an outstanding contribution to a positive image of Germany." Award ceremony on the Day of German Unity, October 2, 2018

3 Michelin stars

3 stars in the Michelin Guide since 2005: a unique cuisine

"Who could bring together the flavors of French and Japanese cuisine in a more precise, uncomplicated and characteristic way than Christian Bau? Elements of both styles can be found in his "Paris - Tokyo" menu, for example in "Salmon belly, katsuobushi, myoga" or "Sole, potato, leek, kombu, caviar". His meticulous craftsmanship is beyond reproach, as is the absolute top quality of the products. He skillfully implements new ideas without being unfaithful to his style. You can rely on perfect balance, wonderful finesse and, last but not least, the uniqueness of his cuisine!"
- Guide Michelin 2023

Ambassador of Japanese cuisine

Building bridges to the land of longing

The title "Japanese Cuisine Goodwill Ambassador" is awarded by the Japanese government to individuals who are committed to the further spread of Japanese cuisine and food culture abroad through their work. In March 2019, Christian Bau was the first German chef to be named a "Japanese Cuisine Goodwill Ambassador".

Chefs Mentor Award

2023 Mentor Chef Award from the Michelin Guide

"All or nothing. It is precisely with this passion that Christian Bau has also made a name for himself as a promoter of young gastronomic talent."


2024 LaListe
-2nd/1000 restaurants worldwide

"The decisive factor in rankings is not your own position - but the diversity of great talent that they bring together."

Media & reach

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Books: "Bau.Steine" (2018) / "bau.stil." (2011) / "Insights" (2008) / "Innovation through tradition" (2004)

Columnist WELT am SONNTAG

(Reach 1,000,000 readers, ma 2023 Press II)