Agents Group

Within the portfolio of the agency from Hamburg are customers of fine gastronomy and the hospitality industry, their suppliers, as well as premium lifestyle and culinary delight brands. Following the Noline-principle, the small team meets its customers at the same level and attends to marketing and communication, modern PR consulting, content and social media marketing such as e-commerce.

Lukas Kirchgasser Fotografie

Lukas Kirchgasser Photography

In Lukas Kirchgasser, a master of photography from Vienna, Christian Bau has found a professional who perfectly stages his plates. Kirchgasser does not just thrill with his food photography, he also offers informed consulting in professional product photography, hotel photography, as well as architecture and landscape photography.


Le Nouveau Chef

This family business is one of the leading brands for working clothes for kitchen and service. The perfect fit and an outstanding durability make its products, which are exclusively produced in Europe, very desirable. Le Nouveau Chef supplies, besides Christian Bau, a multitude of renowned chefs and star-rated restaurants.


Gosset Champagne

Since 1584 the traditional wine house is based in Ay, in the heart of the Champagne, and is known for highest demands and brilliant quality. The eldest of all champagne houses just uses grapes from the best locations of the area of Marne, in grand cru and premier cru locations. To this day, Gosset offers its prestigious champagne in antique appearing bottles.


The Chefs’ Stories

The agency from Hamburg has dedicated itself to marketing and management within the gastronomy sector. The agency consults top and star chefs in the areas of branding, cooperations and sponsoring. Their “artists at the stove” portfolio includes, in addition to Christian Bau, also chefs like Johannes King, Thomas Macyszyn, Thomas Imbusch, Jan-Philipp Berner and Benjamin März.