Welcome to Christian Bau’s Gourmet Magazine – Where Epicures, Gourmets and Rubbernecks come together

Dear friends of the good taste, the BauStyle is not just any food magazine, it is Christian Bau’s personal gourmet magazine, where everything is about the 3 Michelin Star Chef. We keep you updated about different topics, just look in from time to time!

If it is extraordinary events, expositions, symposia, cooking with or as a guest chef: Here you will find out, who inspires Christian Bau and where he gets inspired, if he is not standing in the kitchen of “Victor’s Fine Dining by Christian Bau”.


If it is praise or criticism, we don’t want deny you what the national and international press or one or the other food magazine report about Christian Bau. Thus, critics, reviews and articles will be published here, as well.


Since we want you to visit Christian Bau personally in the restaurant and enjoy his voyage culinaire, for now we keep star chef recipes secret. Nevertheless, once in a while you can indulge in Christian Bau’s product fetishism, read recommendations and find out news about his favorite ingredients, their way of preparation and combinations. Between Paris and Tokyo there is a lot to discover – it will get exciting!


But for now, lean back, enjoy reading and relax. We wish you much joy with Christian Bau’s gourmet magazine!

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