Yildiz Bau – Host with Heart, Humor and Sensitivity

Yildiz Bau’s passion? She wants you to feel good.

Christian and Yildiz Bau know each other since their common apprenticeship in Achern where they found each other. If you speak of like-minded people, this statement is not exaggerated. Both share a big passion for top gastronomy and hospitality. Christian Bau’s achievements in the kitchen, are transposed by Yildiz Bau in the service. Together they succeed in reconciling family and professional life.


As head of service in the “Victor´s Fine Dining by Christian Bau” she works with a lot of love and passion. No insincere smile, no feigned good mood – you can feel that everything comes from her heart. She pays individual attention to each and every guest. Thanks to her experience, she developed a refined instinct and attention to detail, recognizing immediately when guests require something or wants to make conversation. Yildiz Bau is host with heart and soul. It is not uncommon for her to entertain guests with some anecdotes. Those who get to know Yildiz Bau, clearly understand why she received the best Head of Service in Germany award in 2015.

The Best Praise – Returning Guests

Sensitivity and a noticeable sense for the guest are also the aspiration for the charming service employees in the Victor´s Fine Dining. You have a question about your dish? Yildiz Bau and her team know exactly what they serve and how you may enjoy it at its best.


For the managing couple luxury and style aren’t about tablecloths or ties. A friendly, relaxed and casual atmosphere are key aspects of value to Yildiz Bau. The best praise? When her guests say goodbye with a smile and say that they will come back with pleasure!


  • born on March 10, 1971 in Istanbul
  • 1988 to 1991 Apprentice in Hotel “Götz Sonne Eintracht” in Achern

  • 1991 Hotel-Restaurant “Talmühle” in Sasbachwalden

  • 1992 Hotel “Götz Sonne Eintracht” in Achern
  • 1992 “Le Canard” in Offenburg

  • 1993 bis 1994 Restaurant “Alde Gott” in Baden-Baden-Neuweier

  • 1994 to 1998 Hotel Traube Tonbach, Restaurant “Schwarzwaldstube”
  • since April 1998 head of service and host at “Victor´s Fine Dining by Christian Bau” in Perl-Nennig, briefly interrupted for parental leave (two daughters)