Signature Dishes by Christian Bau

Signature Dishes by Christian Bau bear his unmistakable, culinary mark, reflect his philosophy and his passion for the trade. And because a culinary mark develops and changes over the years just like every other mark, Christian Bau wants to show you all of his Signature Dishes from the past years in this portfolio. From 2007 to 2016 you can see large and small changes. With every meal we can proudly say: this is a dish created by Christian Bau!

Since 2007 Christian Bau consequently developed his own kitchen philosophy. Here you can discover many unique Signature Dishes were created. And if an ingredient is unfamiliar to you, just look it up in the glossary.

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From Japanese Beef to Gourmet Fish

With the passion for products of the Asian – mainly the Japanese – haute cuisine, the guests of Christian Bau and the three star restaurant “Victor´s Fine Dining” can experience the joy of a very refined type of beef: Wagyu beef. This beef, coming from Japan, is the most valuable in the world. The Japanese beef stands out due to its high level of marbling which brings it to melt in the mouth just like butter. At the same time bring out aromatic flavours, is low in cholesterol and rich in nutrients. One of the Signature Dishes by Christian Bau has this delicacy as its main component and is called “Japanese beef from the prefecture of “Miyazaki””. The beef originates from the cows of Ozaki. This denomination is reserved for Wagyus from the farm of mister Ozaki, a supplier for beef in the prefecture of Miyazaki. They are the only Japanese cows which may bear the name of their breeder as a trademark.

Although meat dishes just make a little part in the selection of dishes in his restaurant, Christian Bau knows how to spoil his guests with flavour. For the chef the focus of his kitchen is on fish and seafood. Whether the John Dory, the sole, the langoustine, the turbot from the Atlantic or the trout from the Arctic Ocean of Iceland – only the best products for every season find their way on the plates. For example, on wednesdays you can try crayfish that was still wriggling just before landing in your plate. It is almost impossible, to get fresher food than this.

Whether luxury Fish Dishes or Desserts: The Dish is created in the Mind

If Christian Bau wants to put a new dish on the menu, he first asks himself: Which products are available in this season? If just one component is not in season, it can’t be delivered in its best quality. The creation of the meal begins in the mind. Starting point is a key product, a classic one, which is transformed in a new way. Then, combinations are created: What fits together? Which flavor shall the dish receive? What happens then is pretty exciting. Christian Bau allocates a task to everyone in his team. For example, one employee creates an algae salad, while the other prepares cucumber ice cream.

Christian Bau himself creates the plate and conjures up an optical highlight. He unites all individual parts to one street, one circle, or prepares them at the edge of the plate. After realizing the first version, the fine tuning follows. A process which can last one or even five weeks – until the plate has found its balance. Balance means a high-quality, structuralist dish, uniting different textures, temperatures and worlds of taste. At the same time it has to be revealed and easily accessible for less experienced guests, whether it is a gourmet fish or a Japanese beef.