Doing it simple is easy, it has to be perfect

The nature of Christian Bau is also reflected in his kitchen: precise, hung up on perfection and warmly. In spite of big attention to details and structuralism, Bau’s meals shall not overtax the guests, but rather make them happy and just taste good.

Christian Bau takes his guests on a culinary journey. The three-star chef already found his culinary mark since a long time, yet he is still experimenting today. It was the classic, French cuisine, which blessed him with three Michelin Stars until 2007. This French cuisine then got Asian influences with Japanese products playing a central role.

Light – Contemporary – Cosmopolitan

The Three-Star Chef himself describes his kitchen as light, contemporary and cosmopolitan.

Light, because in contrast to the classic French haute cuisine he hardly uses animal fat. Instead, there are crispy and fresh ingredients, a lot of them used raw. Cream, crème fraîche and butter are scarce or non-existent, and carbohydrates just play a secondary role. Fish and seafood hold the leading role next to a multitude of fine vegetables, fruits, herbs and spices. Sauces have especially appealed to Christian Bau. Light, also means easily accessible. Despite the complexity of the recipes, simple and relaxed delight is always the centre of attention. Desserts of vegetables, lactose- or sugar-free, meat, cooked in a vacuum – all those are kept away from the menu. Dishes like the “Japanese Sea” get revealed on the tongue: fresh, with a taste of iodine and cucumber. Christian Baus’ guests don’t have to dissect lobster claws, instead they may just enjoy. This also includes tasting the remaining sauce with the finger or a piece of bread.

Cosmopolitan because he has opened up to the rich cooking cultures of the world and especially likes to work with elements of the Japanese high kitchen – with its ingredients and production techniques – without losing sight for the proven base of the classic French culinary art. In this way he is producing brand new samples of taste uniting the best from different cultures of delight into a single one. For example, in 2006 Christian Bau was the first chef who imported fresh fruits of yuzu to Germany. Surely in Bau’s restaurant you can also taste home-made focaccia with Alsacian raw milk butter. That does not fit to the concept of a Japanese inspired kitchen, critics would say. But it is cosmopolitan and makes the guests happy. And it for them that Christian Bau wants the best.

Which brings us to the word contemporary. The lightness and openness to the world can be regarded as contemporary. Culinary art should move with the times. It should offer new delightful experiences to the guest, pleasantly surprise time and time again, but not boast of cheap showmanship. Like music, fine arts, or literature, Christian Bau also lives from new ideas and impulses. Modern does not mean to deny the classic and well-established things. Innovation should not be seen as end in itself – reforms just find their way on the plate of Christian Bau if they serve the delight and are not overpriced. It is also contemporary not to feel full after a substantial meal, but just happy.

Christian Bau, the Product Fetishist

Christian Bau sees himself more as tradesman than an artist. And just like on any other trade, also in the kitchen style of Christian Bau the quality of the products plays a predominant role.

The authentic, high quality of products is the centre of attention. Some people would describe him as product fetishist – Christian Bau himself sees it as a compliment. He makes no compromises on the quality of his ingredients. If something is not available in best quality, then there is no place for it on the menu. With his recipes Christian Bau wants to highlight the character of the products and refine them through very lavish, careful production techniques. After all, the whole thing shall be more than the sum of its parts. This is the true for the single dish as well as for the entire menu. The order of the courses follows a thought-out dramaturgy on which Christian Bau takes his guests on a culinary voyage of discovery. Purity and elaborateness, refinement and simplicity, harmony and suspense, contrasts and balance, complexity and receptiveness, intensity and subtlety – one shall experience all of this, in little things as well as in big ones, and with all senses.

In addition to the excellent meals the wines shall create an unforgettable gourmet experience. The well stocked cellar of “Victor´s Fine Dining by Christian Bau” always proposes a range of about 800 different wines. Amongst them some wines that can only be found there. At this point, the hospitality of the family Bau comes into play: The perfect accompanying wines to your menu. Thanks to the individual and mastery advise of sommelier Nina Mann, one can enjoy the ideal wine matching each dish and personal taste, and carefully selected from the large choice at hand.