Gault&Millau Germany – the “Bible” for Gourmets

The restaurant guide Gault&Millau stands for culinary improvement: Chefs are encouraged to cook even better, guests are encouraged to make higher demands. The condition? The kitchen should be creative and honest. No copy and no show. Whether regional, international, vegetarian, exotic, classical or modern: the style of cooking is not decisive.

No Chef gets 20 Points from Gault&Millau Germany

The Gault&Millau restaurant guide allocates points for culinary performance within a rating system of 0 to 20 points. The score just values the culinary performance. Although, service, ambience and wine culture in the restaurant are described, they are not considered in the evaluation.

19 points for Victor´s Fine Dining by Christian Bau

If the Gault&Millau Germany in principle does not allocate the highest score of 20 points, 19 points are without doubt a milestone in the life of a chef. With those, the Gault&Millau rewarded Christian Bau for his accomplishment as chef of “Victor´s Fine Dining” in November 2008.

A good culinary Performance according to Gault&Millau

The following criteria are considered in the evaluation of the culinary performance by Gault&Millau:


use of fresh, seasonal and quality products

appropriate use of products, e.g. light sauces and marinades

fresh preparation of every meal

harmonious interaction between the components

maintaining of optimal cooking time

digestibility of the meals

presentation of the meals

increase of flavour experience within one menu


in addition:


appetizing amuse-gueule and petit four

evaluation of menu on the basis of its creativity, information content, understanding and scale

price-performance ratio

How to become a Gault&Millau inspector in Germany?

(Unfortunately) there is no formal training to becoming an inspector for Gault&Millau. The testers are gourmets and got their profession by experience. This means that whoever wants to become an inspector for Gault&Millau for allocating a kitchen competently had to visit and eat in at least 1000 restaurants in Germany and the world. And in addition to that they must be able to recount their experience in an understandable and entertaining manner.

The chef doesn´t know when the Gault&Millau visits

Gault&Millau inspectors visit the same restaurant as many times as necessary to be absolutely sure of their opinion. Often the chef doesn’t know that Gault&Millau is sitting at a table because the inspectors pose as normal guests who visit the restaurant privately.

Founded by Gault and Millau

In 1969 the two journalists Henri Gault and Christian Millau founded the Gault&Millau in France. While working for the evening newspaper “Paris-Presse” they created the restaurant “Guide Juillard” in 1962. In 1973, with the headline “Vive la nouvelle cuisine française” they announced then ten commandments of modern kitchen in their monthly magazine. e.g. market-fresh products, shorter cooking time and lighter sauces. The first print-out of the restaurant guide Gault&Millau was published in 1983, and ten years later the atlas of wines of Germany followed.