The Domain: The Three Michelin Star Restaurant “Victor´s Fine Dining by Christian Bau”

In the three michelin star restaurant “Victor´s Fine Dining by Christian Bau” the star chef, his 21 employees take care of your welfare. Their motivation? Making people happy with their work.

Important information at a glance:

  • seats in the restaurant: 34
  • exclusive culinary and wine journey at the GOSSET Chef´s & Sommelier´s Table for parties of four to eight persons
  • lounge (former castle chapel)
  • part of the 5-star-superior-hotel “Victor’s Residence-Hotel Schloss Berg ”Victor’s Residenz-Hotel Schloss Berg


Visit the website of “Victor´s Fine Dining by Christian Bau” – this way!

A cultural Experience: Your Visit in the Three Star Restaurant

Together with the Victor´s consortium, Christian Bau understands top gastronomy as a holistic experience. If you visit the “Victor´s Fine Dining by Christian Bau” you shall experience the true meaning of being a guest. Christian Bau and his team want to infect you with their enthusiasm for highest cooking culture, carry you on a wave of treat and joy through the evening. Very relaxed, but with style.   It is not only the unique kitchen that characterizes the three michelin star restaurant. Ingenious art of cooking, personal wine accompaniment, friendly atmosphere, hospitality from the heart, attentive service and classy ambience as a whole are more than the sum of all parts: An overall concept which makes up the BauStyle. The team is concerned with every detail, from the non-alcoholic alternatives of aperitifs, to the bench for the handbag, or the background music selection. In return anything unnecessary, drafted, or pretentious, is left aside. Luxury is allowed, but in a newly defined way. At Victor’s Fine Dining you can experience luxury of a real culture of indulgence which neither requires doilies, nor stiffy rituals nor stilted posturing. Your senses are free for what Christian Bau and his kitchen team have planned for you: Making you happy.   Another point which makes “Victor´s Fine Dining by Christian Bau” a special three star restaurant in Germany: Christian Bau is personally there for all his guests. No sous-chef but Christian Bau himself stands at the stove and lends a hand on each plate.

The best Condition for real Delight

The three-star menu is accompanied by three-star service. The friendly, competent and charming, and attentive team, provides an appreciative evening from the welcome to the personal goodbye by Christian Bau. You will look back on a pleasantly relaxed and uncomplicated visit, just as informal as sophisticated. Men don’t have to wear a tie – just as our service team.

The Ambience in the Three Star Restaurant

Entering the “Victor’s Fine Dining by Christian Bau” you feel very quickly that the complete interior design is a result of a lot of thoughts. The ambience reflects the culinary philosophy of Christian Bau. Elements of the Japanese dining culture stimulate the historical rooms of this renaissance palace. An elegant purism allows focus on the essential without having a spartan and strict effect. The music plays softly in the background. The porcelain, partly handcrafted, follows the excitement of the order of courses and offers additional esthetic appeal. This attention details shows how sincere Christian Bau is about you. Your visit in the “Victor´s Fine Dining by Christian Bau” shall remain in your memory as an unforgettable experience.

A restorative Night in Victor´s Residence-Hotel Schloss Berg

Combine your visit in “Victor´s Fine Dining by Christian Bau” with a comfortable overnight stay! The three star restaurant belongs to the “Victor´s Residence-Hotel Schloss Berg”, a hotel complex of the highest German luxury category (5 stars superior). The room reservation will be taken by the team if desired. Thus, you don’t have any time pressure during your dinner, and may comfortably enjoy the fantastic selection of wines.

The eponymous renaissance palace offers 17 individually furnished rooms and suites. The main building features a Mediterranean villa style, reminiscent of ancient Romans times when they brought their art of living to the Moselle. In addition to other rooms and “suites of gods” in Roman style, the villa has two bars, a stylish wellness area and the “Victor´s Vital Resort” for individual wellness and beauty treatments. Please remember, Christian Bau is only cooking at the Victor´s Fine Dining.   Visit the website of the “Victor’s Residenz-Hotel Schloss Berg”.