3 Michelin Star Chef and Host with Passion

“Do things with passion or not at all” is one of the most important guiding principles for Christian Bau. He is a type of person who goes all in, or not at all. He is the youngest of all star chefs in Germany awarded with three Michelin Stars. He received his third star at the age of 34 year for the restaurant “Victor´s Fine Dining by Christian Bau” where he is host and chef de cuisine. Since 13 years he defends this star.

He is a 3 Michelin Star Chef with heart and soul, and can count on one hand the number of times he didn’t cook himself in the restaurant. “Every time I stand at the stove I am happy”, says Christian Bau still today with full conviction. Making people happy with his work is what Christian Bau wants. He is not just a 3 star chef, he is a host from the bottom of his heart.

What is motivating the 3 Star Chef

Precision – “Without love for the finest detail you won’t be a great one”

“People in my surroundings describe me as very straight – in each and every aspect.” For 3 Michelin Star Chef Christian Bau, perfection, precision and discipline play a fundamental role both in and outside the kitchen. Processed products can’t be fresh and good enough. If a fish is not satisfying, it will not appear on the menu, which then has to be re-written. Only the best finds its way on the plates – and each of these is personally checked by Christian Bau.

Talent – “The top priority for a chef is to detect and to support it”

As in every other sector, there are people in gastronomy who were born with “something more”. According to Christian Bau, a feeling for connections and creations, creativity and sovereignty are talents which a chef should detect and support. The three star chef may consider himself lucky that his chefs, amongst them Harald Wohlfahrt, demanded a lot from him during his years of apprenticeship, but also fully supported him. Now he is himself a role mode and an example for his team.

Innovation – “Creating modernity should be build up on the classical age”

Christian Bau tends to modernity, but at the same time respects the tradition and the classical age. He doesn’t turn his back on anything, nor on new techniques. The three star chef is a freethinker, culinary trends have never interested him and still don’t affect him today. Innovation is great if it makes sense but is pointless if it is just cheap showmanship.


“No sweet without sweat”

Maybe it is a conservative view, but it has never done any harm to anybody. “Without distinctive commitment you cannot take an outstanding role and you won’t manage to get ‘on top’ in any position or sector”, says Christian Bau. For everything there has to be a deep inner motivation, like his motivation to make people happy.

Back to the roots – The 3 Star Chef and his Origin

MPerhaps you are often asking yourself about Christian Bau: Where does his ambition and relentless striving for perfection come from? Christian Bau knew very early that he was made for gastronomy. At the age of 14 he did an internship in a restaurant. Among 16 other chefs, he felt accepted like in a large family. Christian Bau had tasted blood. At the tender age of 16 he left his parental home and started, standing on his own two feet, an apprenticeship as chef. He knew immediately that this was his profession. Gastronomy became his second family.


The way to the BauStyle

The apprenticeship under culinary legend Harald Wohlfahrt reflected in the cooking style of Christian Bau. In the restaurant Victor´s Fine Dining it wasn’t any different, where he impressed with perfect, classic, French kitchen. But the three star chef wasn’t truly fulfilled. This kind of kitchen wasn’t his style. He couldn’t identify with it and his heart was not really into it. As the “right hand” of Harald Wohlfahrt, Christian Bau has traveled to many international cities, amongst them Bangkok in 1994. In the Thai capital is where he felt closest to the Asian cuisine that had conquered his heart, and is where today’s three Star Chef has found what he was looking for.


Only in 2007 Christian Bau began to develop his kitchen philosophy. Thus, he was one of the first chefs who introduced Japanese products to French haute cuisine – under gloomy predictions of some restaurant critics. A trip to Japan in January 2010 confirmed his culinary transformation. Following that, the food writer Jürgen Dollase encouraged a Japanese inspired menu for his serie “F.A.Z.-Gourmetvision” which became an overwhelming success. Almost all guests prefered the new “Gourmetvision” to the classic menu. An important milestone for the three Star Chef near Saarbrücken.


The move from the traditional French kitchen was like an unleashing. This way Christian Bau consequently continued in a direction of an even more balanced integration of the new elements, where everything should be made in one piece. Meanwhile he can say in full conviction: I have arrived, I have found my centre, my culinary mark.


Yes, Christian Bau has found his style, not just in the culinary way. In his kitchen you can see the three star chef with sneakers, jeans and chef’s jacket. In the restaurant casual music is playing. He demonstrates that fine-dining can be successful without white tablecloths and with elegant casualness.

Three Star Chef within seven Years

Christian Bau enjoyed a classic apprenticeship and finally found a great mentor in Harald Wohlfahrt. Since 1998 the today´s 3 Michelin Star Chef is chef de cuisine and host in the gourmet restaurant “Victor´s Fine Dining by Christian Bau”. From the start he had the task to shape the restaurant to success. He undoubtedly succeeded and has proven his culinary talent by receiving the highest honours. His first objective, the awarding of a Michelin Star, already was reached after only seven months. Just a year later, in 1999, the second star followed. In 2005 the Guide Michelin awarded the restaurant of Christian Bau with the third star. Hence, he became the youngest three Star Chef of Germany near Saarbrücken at just 34 years of age.


  • born on January 14, 1971 in Offenburg
  • 1987 to 1990 Apprentice in Hotel “Götz Sonne Eintracht” in Achern

  • 1990 to 1991 Hotel-Restaurant “Talmühle” in Sasbachwalden
  • 1991 to 1992 National service in officers´ mess in Achern
  • 1992 to 1993 Restaurant “Le Canard” in Offenburg
  • 1993 to 1998 Restaurant “Schwarzwaldstube”, Hotel Traube Tonbach
  • since 1998 Chef de cuisine in “Victor´s Gourmet-Restaurant Schloss Berg” in Perl-Nennig
  • today “Victor´s Fine Dining by Christian Bau”